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City of Hamilton Street Lighting LED Replacement

Moon-Matz Ltd. is carrying out site surveys and an inventory list of 10,700 existing 250W HPS Cobrahead street luminaries for the City of Hamilton. Photometric lighting calculations using AutoLUX, are then carried out to determine suitable LED replacement luminaries that meet IES RP-8 illumination design requirements. The design deliverable is a detailed spread sheet that specifies the required replacement fixture and lamp to be used. The replacement work will be tendered and carried out by a qualified contractor.

Highway 401/403/410 Structure Rehablitation

This Ministry of Transportation’s assignment included the strategic planning for the rehabilitation of all structures, within the 401/410/403 Interchange and along Highway 401 between Highway 401 and Highway 427 (excluding Dixie/401 structures). There were thirty (30) structures in total. Electrical work included preliminary and detailed design work for high mast, conventional lighting and underpass lighting systems with surface mounted / embedded ducts and reinstated / added new traffic counting stations / classifier loops. Electrical work also included upgrading existing illumination, installing at additional locations to achieve partial or full illumination and temporary illumination for staging, detour and traffic management and construction access.

Bathurst Street, Road Reconstruction

Moon-Matz was responsible for the detailed design for roadway lighting and traffic signals for approx. 8 km of road reconstruction on Bathurst St. From Hwy 7 to Teston Rd. including 14 signalized intersections. Bathurst Street is quickly becoming a major arterial road in York Region connecting Town of Richmond Hill with the City of Vaughan. The road-way is being reconstructed to include 6 lanes of car traffic, bike lanes and street scaped median islands. Systems include temporary and permanent traffic signals and illumination utilizing new hydro poles and free standing light standards.

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