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Chalkfarm Pedestrian Bridge Rehabilitation


City of Toronto

Project Team

Moon - Matz Ltd. (Structural)

Construction Budget Cost

$ 1.5 Million

Project description

Moon-Matz Ltd. provided professional engineering services for the rehabilitation and repair of the existing pedestrian bridges located in Chalkfarm Park, 2230 Jane St, Toronto and Smythe Park, 175 Scarlett Road, Toronto. Bridges are pre-cast concrete “T” girder, reinforced concrete abutments with steel rails, ranging from a 22m single span bridge to a 120m multi span bridge.  Three (3) bridges in total are being repaired and all have similar issues. There was concrete spalling, corroded rebar, deteriorated deck curbing, deteriorated bridge joints and heavily corroded railings. Repairs include the demolishing of existing rail and delaminated concrete, localized structural concrete repairs, new traffic coating with bonded topping base, new galvanized steel railing and bridge approach repairs to meet current bridge code and “AODA” regulations.


Services included condition report in accordance with OSIM, detailed design in accordance with OSRM, drawings and contract document preparation, contractor pre-qualification, tender advertisement, bid review, construction review and overall project management. 

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