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Roy McMurtry Youth Centre


Infrastructure Ontario / Ontario Realty Corporation / Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Project Team

Moon - Matz Ltd. (Electrical)

Construction Budget Cost

$ 90 Million

Project description

The site is an existing 40 hectare institutional site which was initially surrounded by agricultural fields. The Surrounding Community is now single family, suburban housing outside the Greater

Community of Toronto. The site was cleared of an existing women’s prison, with the exception of two

buildings, which were maintained and renovated as part of the Youth Centre. Eight new buildings have been added to the site to provide services to 192 youth offenders, girls and boys, aged 12 years to 17 years old. Over 300 staff members are included in the Immediate Community of the Youth Centre. Electrical systems include power servicing, power distribution, emergency power, site / parking lot lighting, life safety, security, surveillance systems, IT infrastructure and communications systems.

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